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CB Collision

CB Collision Owner Chad Gary is an Extraordinary Businessman


CB CollisionEvery day we pass by the same buildings and use the same businesses—our favorite coffee shop on the corner, the best little live music venue in the city, the auto body shop off the interstate. It can be easy to forget that these places haven’t been there forever. We might not realize the fact just by looking at these places, but businesses like CB Collision have a great deal of history behind them. Chad Gary, the owner of CB Collision, had to gain a great deal of business savvy before he was able to create this auto body shop and all the value it brings to the community.


A born-and-bred Nashville native, Chad Gary attended McGavock High School. He always dreamed of owning his own auto body shop, but just like most of us, he started at the bottom. He worked his way up from pumping gas at Capital Chevrolet until he was the manager of the body shop and parts department there. Overall he was managing revenues of over $400,000 each month. While he loved that job, he wasn’t satisfied with it: he wanted a position with more responsibility. However, he didn’t have the capital to start his own body shop just yet, and he wanted more experience. CB Collision was still in the future for him. He decided to learn more about the business, so he joined the Beaman Auto Group as the body shop director, a position that took advantage of both his mechanical acumen and business shrewdness.


Eventually CB Collision was an idea whose time had come. After thoroughly researching the market and brushing up on his business management skills, Mr. Gary bought Carl Black Chevrolet. Finally CB Collision was born! By creating this business, Mr. Gary brought 18 new jobs to the Nashville community.


What is the secret to being an extraordinary businessman? This question has no one answer. Without a solid knowledge of an industry, an entrepreneur will often find himself making elementary mistakes. A solid grounding in accounting, economics, and finance help. Those qualities are basically a given. Intangibles are just as important, however. Without a passionate drive, the engine has no fuel. Without a refined intuition, a businessperson might sink hundreds of thousands of dollars in a foolish enterprise. CB Collision is his brainchild.

Chad Gary is one of the individuals, who have taken their business from scratch to glory. Like any other ordinary person, he had a normal childhood. He was born and brought up in Nashville and attended the McGavock High school. He always had a dream of owning an auto-body shop. To fulfill his dream, he started working at a gas pump in Capital Chevrolet, and then rose up to the position of manager. Like any management consultant in the industry, Chad loved his job but was not satisfied by it.He eventually joined the Beaman Autogroup as a body shop director, a place where he could sharpen his mechanical acumen and business shrewdness. Finally, after accumulation sufficient capital, he launched his own Autobody shop – CB Collision. After consulting a marketing consultant, his business started gathering substantial amount of revenue, and it brought in 18 job opportunities to Nashville community. Mr. Gary has the special quality that makes any businessman truly effective.He has emerged as a Business leader in the Nashville community and aims to lead the Autobody business in the coming years.


Mr. Gary has that special, ineffable quality that makes a businessman truly effective. If small businesses like CB Collision are the solution to our economic strife, then the world could use a few more people like him.


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